Supporting Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands after

Hurricane Disasters

We at SCESA are working to support our friends and partners in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, who have been ravaged by the catastrophic weather events of this summer.
Natural disasters often decimate infrastructure and support networks that keep victims of violence against women safe. Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault often lose their shelter and are more likely to be forced to return to their abuser or enter other unsafe situations in difficult days such as these.  Incredibly, disasters often increase the level of vulnerability to incidents of sexual assault.  In addition, the trauma from the disaster may trigger a sense of hopelessness and further loss of control.
Our partners in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are working to maintain services while still managing basic operational needs during this recovery. Many are also searching for their own families, friends, and colleagues. 
Many people are hurting, and we urge all people to give whatever you can to support the community in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  
Below are some organizations working directly on domestic violence and sexual assault in the communities of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 

US Virgin Islands

Family Resource Center, Inc.
Family Resource Center, Inc. (FRC) is a local community based organization providing services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in St. Thomas and St. John, US Virgin Islands. FRC provides counseling, advocacy, and support as well as an emergency shelter for women and children and responds to all victims of violent crime and families in crisis.

‘FRC is continuing to aid in recovery and relief efforts post storm as well as maintain their commitment to our primary services to those in need. We too have been affected by physical damages to three of our facilities. There has been an outpouring of support and {they} have created this separate donation area to help specifically with FRC building and property damages due to damages sustained by hurricane Irma.
To make a cash donation:

Virgin Islands Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Council (DVSAC)
The VI Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council (DVSAC) was formed to address oppression and systems advocacy on the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. DVSAC aims to promote healthy relationships within our community by coordinating education and awareness resources that advocate for the elimination of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence in the USVI territory.
DVSAC is trying to provide support and services to the local community in St. Croix and assist the communities on St. Thomas and St. John in their relief efforts.  The US Virgin Islands is often forgotten in large scale relief efforts being coordinated on the mainland US.  However, the Virgin Islands are significantly impacted given that survivors often have limited transportation to receive services which are now further compounded by the disaster that has impacted the island resources. 
To make a donation to the efforts coordinated by DVSAC: (Please specify Hurricanes Irma & Maria Relief Efforts)

Puerto Rico

Coordinadora Paz Para La Mujer
Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer, Inc. (La Coordinadora) is a coalition whose membership is made up of thirty-five (35) organizations and fourteen (14) individual members.  It is made up of emergency shelters, service organizations, universities, feminists and human rights activists dealing with the issue of violence against women, especially dating violence and sexual assault.
Currently, La Coordinadora is working out of a temporary space, however the domestic violence/sexual assault hotline is not working.  In addition, there is limited gas available for folks to get places.  So there is a concern that victim/survivors cannot access help.  The community based services for domestic violence and sexual assault are severely impacted and La Coordinadora is trying to be creative to provide what they can but it’s “very hard with no resources”.  
To make a donation to the efforts of La Coordinadora: (Please specify Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts- Loiza or Cuelebra)

Taller Salud
Taller Salud, Inc. is a community-based, feminist grassroots organization that works for the integral well-being of girls, young women and adult women, targeted primarily at low-income communities.  Taller Salud works in the community of Loiza which is one of the communities that has been hardest hit by the hurricanes.
As noted by Taller Salud and the advocates in Puerto Rico…”the devastating effects of hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico are still unfolding, but one thing is certain—the island’s most vulnerable communities are likely to be pummeled the hardest and face the longest road to recovery.  Low-income communities of color often face the worst destruction and slowest recovery and have fewer resources to safeguard homes, vehicles, and other property.  When the winds die down and the floods recede, these communities are often forgotten by reconstruction efforts, and underserved by insurance companies.” 

To support these communities please donate to the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund.   The funds raised will be distributed among community organizations by providing immediate relief, long-term recovery and reconstruction. It is supported by the Center for Popular Democracy in the United States that will serve as a tax sponsor and Taller Salud in Puerto Rico, which has a long career in the area of, and Loíza, and was already attending to the victims of Hurricane Irma.
To make a donation to the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund:

We encourage everyone to make a donation, every dollar counts! Your donation will help these affected communities overcome the challenges that they are faced with and ensure survivors are still receiving the critical services they need. Thank you!

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