supporting and enhancing the leadership of women of color

Women of Color have played important roles in the movement to end sexual assault.  However, the number of Women of Color in leadership and their access to influence policy decisions and social change has been limited. Far too often, Women of Color are hired to work within their communities without the ability to direct and decide what strategies should be used and how those strategies will be implemented.

SCESA is committed to enhancing and supporting the natural leadership of Women of Color.  Our leadership projects are intended to nurture, promote, cultivate, enhance, and sustain Women of Color leadership using an intensive model of culturally specific training, skill-building tools, resources, and support. SCESA focuses on redefining the concepts of leadership to allow for connections to our cultural roots.  This includes the ideas of sharing, nurturing and the notion of cyclical leadership.   Cyclical leadership acknowledges the responsibility of all Women of Color to work in the community (and in sisterhood) with each other agreeing that no Sister is successful unless all Sisters are successful.

  • Implementing a national leadership Institute to provide key tools
  • Strategies and resources for Women of Color who are new, emerging and established leaders
  • Mentoring young women in our internship program
  • Assisting Communities of Color organizations with their infrastructure
  • Creating Sharing Circles
  • Retreat Spaces
  • Specialized training for Executive Directors of Color
  • Motivating Women of Color to create services for their communities
  • Providing Wrap-around services